Your baby's digital health record

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The online version of your personal child health record

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Organise healthcare

Plan ahead for all the important health reviews, immunisations and appointments with your health visitor or doctor.

Keep a secure record

Keep your own personal notes and photos of your child’s growth and development.

Useful reminders

Note important healthcare questions to ask a health professional and receive email reminders for appointments.

Always accessible and secure

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eRedbook uses HealthVault® to store your data

Microsoft® HealthVault® is a privacy- and security-enhanced online service designed to put you in control of your health information. HealthVault helps you gather and store health information from various sources and share information with those you trust.

Visit to learn more.

Immunistions screengrab

Track Immunisations

Keep track of all the immunisations your child should receive. Most of these will be part of the Healthy Child Programme and you will be reminded when they are due on the ‘upcoming’ page.

You can also add and record any extra immunisations your child is given by health professionals.

Memo - Ask about the rash on Alfie's back

Keep Health Notes and Questions

Record important information your health visitor tells you and track your child’s wellbeing over time.

Note specific questions for a health professional, so you have a record of them for your next appointment.

Developmental First images

Record Developmental Firsts

There are many things that all babies and young children do, but not always at the same age or in the same order. Use eRedbook to record when your child does things for the first time.

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Organise appointments

Your child will receive a minimum number of health reviews and screenings as part of the Healthy Child Programme. Make sure you don’t miss these, or any other important appointments, by keeping a record in eRedbook.